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Helping the Endangered Scottish Wildcat

Here at the Cat's Glove, there is a little more to us. Not only do we enjoy hitting each other with sticks and swords, but we create awareness of the critically endangered Scottish Wildcat and donate our profits to their conservation.

A lot of people ask, what does 'The Cat's Glove' mean? Basically it's from the clan motto "Touch Not A Cat, Bot A Glove", Bot meaning "without". This does not mean, wear a glove when patting your cat, instead the Glove is the cat's paw, when the claws are in, the glove is on, when the glove is off, the claws are out....armed and ready! Think of that as a warning to your enemy.

Throughout Scottish history, there has been a great respect for the Scottish Wildcat, with many Highland warriors and clansmen wishing to portray themselves with similar traits. Fearless, strong, smart, adaptable to the land, it's no wonder so many clans use the Wildcat on their crests, and as a result we have Clan Chattan, or the Clan Confederation, also known as The Clan of Cats. The Clan Chattan tartan is the official tartan of The Cat's Glove, and you may spot some of it on the end of our swords.

We also recognise the feline connection in Fiore Del Liberi's Segno illustration, which depicts 3 different cats, representing the different elements needed for the fighting 'man'. The Lynx = Judgment, The Lion = Courage, The Tiger = Vigor (speed). This is also the inspiration for our school's salute.

As mentioned, the Scottish Wildcat is critically endangered, it's the UK's most endangered mammal, and one of the world's most endangered cats (estimates are unclear, but may suggest less than 100 in the wild, compared to 3000 tigers). It's biggest threat is inter-breeding with feral/domestic cats, which also spreads disease, as well as loss of habitat and cars. But we are proud to say, that we are Adopters of the Scottish Wildcat at the Edinburgh Zoo, and will donate funds to help programmes that sterilise domestic/feral cats and set's up sanctuary zones.

A Wildcat kitten, part of the captive breeding programme at the Highland Wildlife Park.

Our official marketing team, Jura & Scapa.

Scottish Wildcats at the Highland Wildlife Park

The Cat's Glove's adoption certificate for the Scottish Wildcat at Edinburgh Zoo for 2018-19.

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