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Every Tuesday.

Classes start at 18:30 and are 2hrs long

(Due to our location, our hall is used as a Festival Venue so is therefore closed from late July and all of August)


We train in the church hall of the Old St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Jeffrey Street Edinburgh EH1 1SB.

Only seconds from Edinburgh's main train station, Waverley Station.



All students will warm up with lessons in WW2 Hand-to-Hand Combat

Our introductory and main weapon taught is the Backsword with the Macdonald Academy Method.

The secondary weapon taught to all students is Bayonet Fencing, with emphasis on the mechanics of how to handle a 'knife on a stick'.

Beginners are graded into 3 levels of Backsword before being tested for the Free-Fencing status.

Free-Fencers will continue with advanced Backsword and other weapons which will be taught progressively, such as Bullwhip, Italian Cane, Quarter Staff, Bowie Knife & Tomahawk. Plus guest instructors giving lessons in various other weapons.

Uniform & Equipment


Students - Black trousers and white fencing jacket, if no jacket then the official Cat's Glove T-shirt. Shoes are to be comfortable sports shoes.

Instructors - Black trousers and are entitled to wear a black fencing jacket.


Training single sticks are provided.

Bayonet training sticks are provided.

Beginner's masks are provided, and students are encouraged to purchase their own fencing mask.

Students are to provide their own safety equipment such as gloves, forearm, groin and chest protectors.

Please respect any equipment you may be using and treat it as your own.


Membership Price:

An initial sign up fee for all new students is a cost of £50.

Paid members will receive a Cat's Glove training T-shirt, badge and membership cards. This cost also covers class handouts and other admin costs.

Class Prices:

Classes are priced at £10 per night, up to 8 classes can be paid in advanced and used as you like

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