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Our Friends and Associates

The Macdonald Academy of Arms

Our Sister School, taught by our Master, Maestro Paul Macdonald.

Classes are every Monday in Edinburgh, teaching the Single Stick and Backsword.

The Macdonald Armouries

Paul Macdonald's full time profession, making custom high end blades. From the famous FS Commando Knife, historical swords and the He-Man Sword.

The Scottish Knife, Axe and Tomahawk Throwing Association

Our Instructor Steve runs SKATTA, meeting once a month on a Sunday, they like to throw thing. Axes, knives, throwing angels, nails, it's very addictive!

Malta Historical Fencing Association

Founded by Maestro Andrei Xuereb in 2009. The MHFA teach rapier and sidesword as well as other weapons. They also host an International event in November, attended by teachers and students from all over the world. We had the honour of teaching at the 7th meeting in 2017.

Hotspur School of Defence

Robert Brooks, founder of the Hotspur School of Defence has been involved with historical fencing since 1994 with the Dawn Duellist Society. He founded the HSD in 2003, and has since taught around the world.


Our Italian friends, FISAS is a Federation of Italian

schools, based on the study & method of Andrea Lupo Sinclair.

FISAS run an annual International Meeting, gathering the

highest level of instructors in one place for one of the most

prestigious events on the calendar.

Edinburgh Renaissance Fencing Academy

Our friend Greig Watson founded the ERFA in 2014 after training and teaching at the Dawn Duellist Society since 2002. His focus is on Italian styles of fencing, predominately the rapier.

Paddy Crean Workshop

Organised by The International Order of the Sword & Pen, this workshop is held once every 2yrs in the stunning location of Banff, Canada. With an amazing line-up of talented instructors, this must do event offers classes in stage combat, everything from Sword Fighting, Hand to Hand Combat, Wire Work, Fire Arms Handling, and you may even see a person on fire!

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