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May 6th: Announcing our first Instructor:

Manolis Rhodokanakis




"McBane on the Couch: Obtaining the Case History of an 18th century Fencing Master"

Imagine for a moment that we had to face notorious fencing master, professional soldier and prize fighter Donald McBane in a therapeutic setting. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, intimidating even, but it is still better than having to face him in a duel, so bear with me. Imagine we have spent our first session exploring his difficulties, setting his goals – God knows what they might be… – and talking about the therapeutic context, and so it is time to obtain his case history – to have him talk about his life, in plain words.

What would that feel like? What would we like to ask him? What would we tell him? What mental notes would we make? More importantly, can we reconstruct this hypothetical narrative, based on what he chose to share with the general public through his autobiography? Can we pin point what our thoughts would be on a therapeutic and analytical level?

This presentation, is essentially an exercise in active imagination. It is an effort to forget all we know about McBane the legend, and take a look at McBane the man. Hopefully, it will help us understand both man and legend better.


Manolis Rhodokanakis, President of the Board at Marxbrüder Guild Hellas, has been into Historical Fencing for ten years and into Psychology for twelve. He has studied Scottish Backsword at the Macdonald Academy of Arms, German Longsword at the Marxbrüder, and now focuses on La Verdadera Destreza in Academia da Espada Hellas. He has also studied Psychology, with a Msc in Counselling from the University of Edinburgh, and his main interests lie with the Narrative Formation of Reality, and especially the Heroic Journey, its connections with Initiation Rituals and its Psychotherapeutic Applications. Other interests include Le Jeu de la Hache, early 18th century fencing, and horror stories

April 29th: Announcing the news that we will be going ahead with the McBane Event Online again for 2021. Plans are still being made, so keep an eye out for more details